Kitchen And Bathroom Restorations And Renovations

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most sensitive rooms in a home. A bathroom, however old or out-of-date, does not sell, what’s more, it generates rejection and when the client has to say for one property or another, they will always lean For the one that has the renovated bathrooms and kitchen. Is it possible to reform a kitchen without work?

The ideal is to be able to hire a company that specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovations. Do not have enough budget to make a reform? No problem, then I will give you some solutions that home stagers use to reform bathrooms and kitchens practically and economically and best of all, without having to do work.

Do not worry about the result, even if it is a low-cost reform, using quality materials and products, with proper installation and use, perfect and long-lasting finishes are achieved. I have been installing PVC floor and wall tiles for many years and I can guarantee that you will get tired of them before they get tired of you.

Paint Tiles

Those out-of-date bathrooms, with light green, pink, or dark brown tiles with enormous flowers combined with toilets in the same color, your potential buyer or tenant will not like, or those kitchens with flowery fretwork… if you intend to sell or rent,! you have to change them!

There are some special glazes on the market for tiles with different colors to choose from, although if you have doubts about the color, lean towards white and you will always be right.

Before painting, it is essential to clean the tiles very well, so that the enamel adheres well to the surface, and normally two coats are necessary for the finish to be perfect.

Vinyl Painted Paper

I admit that I have a weakness for wallpapers, although many of you will come to mind images of the wallpaper from your grandmother’s house, with that fretwork that was worn years ago, now the wallpaper is booming, there are wonders of designs and textures and best of all, there are special papers for bathrooms and kitchens; and you can clean and rub them as many times as you want, without fear that they suffer any deterioration.

PVC Flooring

What has been for a lifetime, as with wallpaper, has been updated in terms of designs. The latest models imitating hydraulic tiles are very successful and spectacular, although you will always have to choose models imitating wood, ceramic, and smooth.

They usually come in a width of 2 meters, although you can also find 3 and 4 meters on request if it does not fit the measurements you need.

If your floor is flat, smooth, and dry, you just have to place the pavement on top and cut with the help of a cutter in the areas of toilets, carpentry, and any recesses that exist.

On the other hand, if it has joints, it is important to apply a layer of leveling paste so that they do not mark when you put the pavement on top.

Once it is laid, you can step on it at a moment, and scrub, scrub that scrubs you because the pavement is resistant to fungi, mold, and abrasion.

Self-Adhesive Pvc Sheets

They are ideal for lining kitchen and bathroom furniture that is deteriorated or out of fashion. Its presentation is in rolls 45 and 90 cm wide and the finishes are innumerable; smooth, wood, marble, holographic, slate, and cork.

As long as they are smooth surfaces you can place them as far as your imagination goes; walls, tables, stools, boxes, light keys, and maintenance is as easy as cleaning them with soap and water.

Vinyl Coatings For Floors, Walls

The only thing you will need is a tape measure, a cutter, and glue if they are not self-adhesive.

Its format is in slats or tiles for floors and walls (they can be placed vertically or horizontally), some brands even have models for ceilings.

You will renovate your kitchen or bathroom saving; time and money, without construction or annoying noise, and on top of that the change is spectacular.